How it works

Our link building software XRAIDER is generating automatically 24/7 new and relevant links to your page.  This way your page gets more relevance in search engines and you will achieve quickly top rankings for your page.

Get started with downloading XRAIDER to your PC.  The setup wizard takes only 7 min.  Here you feed the software with all relevant information like URL of your page, FTP server and keywords you want to push.

Then XRAIDER will contact via e-mail other relevant pages and offer them an interchange of links.  This means you offer a link to the contact person of another website.  Now, the other person can accept this link partnership and the link building can begin.  Of course you can modify the text of the e-mail to your personal needs. The whole process is completely automated and is running nonstop 24/7.  You don’t have to do anything, just cancel your Google adwords and save lots of money.

You can monitor all running processes and and see the progress real time on XRAIDER. So you keep everything under your control.